For your attention, please !

This is to apprise you that certain miscreants masquerading as Company employees are duping the public at large into believing that they are our employees and have been offering investment advice and collecting funds from gullible people. In the circumstances we request you to note the following:

If you are contacted by any person who claims to be an employee of Purnartha we request you to verify the credibility of such person by checking with

Further we request you to never transfer any funds, at the insistence of our employees to any account other than that in the name of "Purnartha Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd", authorised account details communicated to you by Purnartha.

Please be assured that relevant legal proceedings will be initiated against the perpetrators of this crime. We urge the public at large however to stay alert and vigilant. Notwithstanding the above, our efforts towards providing flawless service continue unhindered and we wish to continue a fruitful relationship with you.

Before dealing with any Investment Advisor/ Portfolio Manager, please check whether it is registered with SEBI. Do not deal with unregistered Investment Advisors/ Portfolio Managers.

Verify Investment Advisor Verify Portfolio Manager

Please also refer to the SEBI Press Release in October 2022. Click here.

Purnartha offers the leading equity investment advisory

We offer our research expertise in equities to partner you in your journey of wealth creation.

Our aim is to provide you with services that are built on a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise and driven by the philosophy of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam". You can choose from our following offerings based on your financial goals.

Wealth creation requires a focused approach and in-depth data analysis.

Our journey, guided by the vision of `Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – doing for our clients what we would do for ourselves - has inspired us to take the next big step in our journey to create wealth for our clients. Keeping the client at the core of our universe, we aim to do all we can to help them achieve their financial goals.

We now also offer Portfolio Management Services – that guide families to grow and prosper together with research-backed, clear and unbiased advice. By being eclectic and aiming to choose the best that the stock markets have to offer and invest for the long term.

SEBI Registration Details
Registered Name: Purnartha Investment Advisers Private Limited
Type of registration: Non-Individual Investment Advisor Portfolio Manager
Registration No: INA000000672 INP000007021
Validity: Dec 26, 2013- Perpetual Jul 23, 2020- Perpetual

CIN.: U 72200 PN 2011 PTC 138994

BASL Member ID 1682


Telephone (Principal Officer): 020 6901 7100

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