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Benefits of Being a Channel Partner

  1. Increased Revenue and Profits without capital costs
  2. Increase "active" customer accounts and revenue per client
  3. improve your sales conversion ratio
  4. Your trusted research partner Purnartha provides heads up about daily macro-economic and other factors that are likely to have impact on your clients portfolio
  5. You get access to Purnartha equity portfolio
  6. Build easy communication platform with your clients

Partnering with Purnartha

Purnartha brings you a perfect partnership plan that adds the technology edge to your vision. While Purnartha offers an institutional framework for retail investors, you can tie up with Purnartha and better advise your clients and gain professional mileage.

Connect with Idea Generators

While fund managers can quickly reach out to a large audience through the Purnartha platform, Purnartha brings you the exclusive opportunity to connect with these experienced idea generators to study their asset allocation strategy and investment performance. You can share the investment portfolio of your favourite idea generator - either partially or fully - with your clients so that they can compare the performance of their portfolios with the experts’ and plan future investments accordingly.

Evaluate Client Performance

Purnartha consolidates all the investment details of a retail investor and provides in-depth analysis of a portfolio. This helps you quickly evaluate clients’ performance. With all the latest and authenticated statistics and facts, Purnartha lets you communicate with clients in a language that wins you respect.

Earn Credibility

You can closely study your clients’ Purnartha portfolio to provide them better guidance in their future investments. Your clients too, have a reliable source in Purnartha to measure their own investment performance. Additionally, they can validate your advice by simulating various investment configurations. This will help you build credibility among your clients and expand your reach in the market. Moreover, you get a chance to partner with veteran stock-pickers in the market and add value to your advice.

Instant Client Communication

Keeping your clients abreast of market trends and challenges is easy with Purnartha. You can instantly share the entire benchmark portfolios with clients or share only a select few details. Communicating via Purnartha is time-saving and economical instead of approaching each client individually.

Earn fee-based Income

As a service partner, you will receive a fixed fee per client that you onboard to the Purnartha platform.



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