Wealth creation requires focused approach and in-depth analysis.

With a simple goal in mind, of bridging the gap between what was and what could be, we, at Purnartha, have introduced our Portfolio Management Services. With this new feather in our cap, we aim to build a solid foundation for your finances aimed at healthy returns on your investment.

We live in a complex financial world. With our well qualified and experienced research team and financial expertise, we aim to simplify it for you by managing your money and aspiring to create long term, sustainable wealth for you. In addition to going through financial data, macro-economic pointers, business trends and analysis, we also cross-check the data points with on-site checks of the marketplace to corroborate and add valuable input to the research process.

Everybody's financial goals are different. This means a "one size fits all" strategy does not work. With PMS, we offer plans to align with your investment goals. With PMS, you can simply breathe while we work towards putting together a strategy that aims at wealth generation!

As we look at your financial goals and needs, we present you with three investment approaches

Purnartha Vision Strategy :We use a high conviction, bottom-up approach that aims to generate alpha for our clients. The investment approach aims to select companies that show volume growth across all cycles, with strong balance sheets and owners’ skin in the game.

Purnartha Pratham Strategy : In this approach we aim to create a diversified portfolio with strong fundamentals that are market cap and sector agnostic.

Purnartha Dynamic Midcap Strategy : We aim to create a well-diversified and actively managed portfolio consisting of 18-25 securities in the Midcap segment, with weights to each security aligned to the valuation and risk-reward metrics for the stock.

Purnartha One : The investment strategy aims to develop a portfolio capable of navigating different economic cycles by actively managing allocations across different asset classes.


`Research first’ approach drives our Portfolio Management Services

Being believers in the philosophy "No shortcuts to wealth", our Portfolio Management Services are research driven. Our research is always supported by on-ground channel checks to corroborate our research findings. Sticking to our core philosophy "Long term investment focus and research-based investing aims to generate better returns”, we aim to invest your money with a long-term view.

While creating your portfolio, we take into consideration the following key points:

  • Build a market-sector agnostic portfolio consisting some of the best stocks from the Nifty 500
  • Create an investment portfolio under the selected investment approach which aims to beat the returns of the benchmark index
  • Invest in businesses that are fundamentally sound and demonstrate growth potential

We look for companies that display the following qualities :

  • A business model that either has no debt or has low leverage and does not rely on borrowings to grow the business (except the Banking, Financial and Insurance sector). This indicates the competitive advantage of the company.
  • Strong volume growth for the next few years. We articulate the structural drivers that make this volume growth possible and sustainable.
  • Tapping into the thought process and interests of the business owners. We identify the person responsible for the company’s future and try and understand if their interests are in line with taking the company forward.
  • Our investigative team undertakes thorough channel checks to gain an insight into company culture.
  • We build a suitable portfolio based on an internal valuation matrix.

With thorough research and the expertise of our analyst team, we look at creating a strong portfolio under your selected investment approach/plan with an aim at generating wealth for you in the long-term


Wealth Plans Applicable for Pratham & Vision Strategy



Wealth Plans Applicable for Dynamic Midcap Strategy


Wealth Plans Applicable for Purnartha ONE Strategy

  • Taxes as applicable.
  • Other charges at actuals.
  • The fees mentioned here for respective Investment options are indicative. For complete disclosures on fees and expenses please refer the Disclosure Document available on the Portfolio Manager's website.
  • Minimum Capital Investment Rs. 50 Lakhs.
  • We follow the High Water Mark principle.
  • Investors have the option to be on-boarded directly for our Portfolio Management Services, without intermediation of persons engaged in distribution services.
  • Option I, II, III & V
  • Premature exit loads: 3%, 2%, 1% of NAV, if exited before 12, 24 & 36 months respectively.
  • Option IV
  • The above fee structure has been shown for the first 3 years. Please refer to the PMS account opening forms for details regarding the charges for the subsequent blocks of 3 years.

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