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Purnatha equity experts and market analysts team carefully looks into

  1. Companies with high growth aspirations
  2. Upcoming middle class values such as, very little or no debt and
  3. Owners with skin in the game.

Purnarthas five step equity investment research methodology selects the best companies to invest. We don't just look at stock prices and stock performance. Instead we look at the company. We look at the history, business model, volume growth, company management, goals and valuation.

Thorough audits, sound statistics, logic and indepth understanding of over 11 years of company growth is used to select and invest in the best equities.This approach allows Purnartha to control churns and risk while creating portfolios with a combination of high returns, diversifications and complementary styles.

Proven formula for success, investing in few and good companies and being lazy

  • Few great and carefully evaluated stocks in your portfolio that are held long term are more than enough to have a successful investment career. 
  • There is just no need to jump after so called hot stocks. Instead find few good companies which have performed consistently over years, buy their stocks at correct and attractive prices.
  • Monitor the fundamental performance of these stocks and continue to hold them as long they perform well.
  • Thats how real wealth is created in the real investment world.

Purnartha analyses your risk profile and recommends few good companies that can generate wealth. You need not put your money in too many stocks or too few stocks either. A ideal portfolio consists of few balanced and proven performers

While its simpler said, giving in to market temptation is no new news. Daily stock market and share prices up and down lead to common investor mistakes. These common mistakes create a difference between successful investors & the not so lucky investors.

Wealth generation as often said among successful wealthy investors is

1% Skill and 99% Temperament 

Not surprisingly, you need hand holding from investment experts and right investment advise at the right time with clear common goals of wealth generation.



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“CapMetrics Investment Advisers Pvt. Ltd.” is a SEBI registered advisor and provides investment advisory services under the brand name Purnartha. We have 10+ years experience in providing equity research services to global financial institutions


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