A well-thought-out portfolio under a relevant investment approach that aims to beat the returns of the benchmark indices.

Purnartha started out with the simple intention of bridging the gap between what was and what could be. A simple goal that has created and nurtured a unique equity Investment Advisory ecosystem, backed by the timeless concepts of trust and transparency.

`Sampurna’ , an investment advisory service is built on a proprietary quantitative model which combines the best of multiple investing styles. This helps Sampurna benefit from refined data analysis along with fundamental research. To partner you in your journey of wealth creation without actually handling your finances. That freedom stays solely with you.


Sampurna investment philosophy

Purnartha follows a philosophy-driven investment approach. We believe there are no short-cuts to wealth. Our core philosophy therefore is,

"To build a multi-cap, sector agnostic portfolio of stocks based on a quantitative model which selects stocks with strong fundamentals, showing early recovery from drawdowns, are net cash and offer opportunities for delivering better returns.”

Our approach to stock selection is based on combining multiple investing styles and a proprietary quantitative model to put together a portfolio that aims at wealth creation.

With this thought in mind, we have combined multiple investing styles to come up with a unique investment approach that follows strong fundamental principals and is backed by data spanning 40 quarters across business cycles.

Purnartha’s equity experts and research analysts help you find the right stocks from a broad universe which fulfil these criteria. Stocks that show early recovery from drawdowns, have the potential to recover quickly from the downturns and have sound fundamentals could potentially create wealth for clients.

Combined with the reading of stock prices, financial trends, etc, our research analysts also look companies that are net cash and have a fundamentally strong Balance sheet. The proprietary quantitative model helps our Research team draw up a list of the opportunities across a spectrum of sectors and market capitalisation that show the potential to create wealth.

A continual review process red-flags stocks that may show a retardation in financial parameters. Robust algorithms in our proprietary quant model help spot stocks that may be past their prime and instead focus attention to potential winners that could be worthy replacements. This approach allows Purnartha to build agile portfolios with a good risk and reward ratio.

Wealth Plans

Dedication. Determination. Discipline.

Now, that's a plan.

Wealth Plans To Suit Your Goals

Year 1
Year 1
Year 2

Rs. 2,500 Per Quarter

Year 3

Rs. 2,500 Per Quarter

Fees are payable for two quarters in advance.

GST and applicable taxes will be charged extra.

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SEBI Registration Details
Registered Name: Purnartha Investment Advisers Private Limited
Type of registration: Non-Individual Investment Advisor Portfolio Manager
Registration No: INA000000672 INP000007021
Validity: Dec 26, 2013- Perpetual Jul 23, 2020- Perpetual

CIN.: U 72200 PN 2011 PTC 138994

BASL Member ID 1682


Telephone (Principal Officer): 020 6901 7100

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