5 Step Investment Research Methodology


Purnarthas research methodology is backed by a unique 5 step research process. Our Investment advisory research team looks beyond financial, economical, socio-political, cultural and other dynamics to select best long term companies to invest.

Identifying Best Long Term Stocks to Invest

We look into company history that shows performance across regimes. Usually 11 years is a credit cycle where GDP has gone up, down and drifted. We see if the businesses have generated positive cash in all regimes. Other business and valuation related parameters are analyzed too.

We analyze why the company does not need to borrow money to grow its business. We have come across unique business models that provide an insight into the economic moat or competitive advantage of the company.

We also articulate what are the structural drivers for the volume growth of the company for the next few years.

We look at stakeholder interest, good history and the reason why the company is poised to grow as the output of the business owners thought process and interest. We identify the person responsible for the company’s future & find out if his interests are aligned for future growth. Channel checks provide an insight into culture of the company.

We will build a portfolio that is cheaper than the index at an EV/ operating cash flow metrics.

Purnartha Investment Portfolio

Typically Purnartha Portfolio consists of few high performance stocks that have generated benchmark beating results. These are identified using above research methodology

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