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Discover The Benefits Of Investing In Long Term Equities When Backed By Expert Investment Advisors And Intensive Research Process.

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Investing in random stocks and mutual funds? Great! Lets take you to the next level! Purnartha creates more wealth for you by helping you invest in high performance companies. We provide investment advisory for rebalancing your or your family wealth portfolio with right long term stocks. We also help NRI's identify best long term stocks to invest in India.

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Rebalance Your Investments Portfolio

Health check and rebalance your investments portfolio to generate wealth.

Need Better Investment Advice?

Do you have doubts that your stocks portfolio is not correctly balanced? Does it have wealth generating stocks? Are your stocks giving your inflation beating returns? Purnartha equity investment advisory answers these questions. We help you health check your investments portfolio and recommend stocks that truly perform.

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Purnartha is Trusted by 4000 Clients

I am very happy and highly satisfied with the advisory services of Purnartha and I got the benefits from the recommendations on the investments.
I found that Purnatha has a very scientific way of analysis of the market, industry and potential of the segments and I am rest assured that my investments are safe and are going to yield good results in the long term. Thanks for the services which helped me create wealth in the long term.

Mr. Nitin, Lead Product Manager Infosys Limited, Pune

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Your Trusted Partner In Wealth Creation

SEBI Registered Equity Investment Advisor

Purnartha, Your trusted partner in equity wealth creation and a SEBI registered equity investment advisors brand expertises in equity research, asset analytics services to institutional and geographically diverse clients since 2009. Get thoroughly researched advice on wealth creation with best equities, stocks, equity market investments & best companies performing well. Purnartha helps you move from a rookie investor to a king



Generate Wealth Through All Life Stages
Purnarthas equities investment philosophy is a uniquely disciplined, thoroughly researched, conservatively opportunistic and sensitive approach maintained over years. Purnarthas proven formula for investment success is investing in good companies and .. being lazy. We ensure you get best long term returns on investment with our disciplined approach. Whether you are planning to retire early with wealth creating investments or planning for your childs future education we are there with you in your wealth journey.

Investment Philosophy

Equities Investment Advice for NRI, High Net Worth Individuals and Families

Personalized and transparent long term stocks investment advice for the quietly wealthy. We also offer flexible 1 Year, 3 Year and SIP investment advisory plans to suit your needs.


Each one of us is unique why should one investment advise fit all. You might be planning to buy a premium property, grow your business or your daughter is planning for education abroad. Purnartha provides customized equity investment advise for each individual, institution, channel partner to fit their investment goals. We are a highly recommended long term stocks advisory for NRI's, HNI individuals and the quietly wealthy families from India and abroad. Call us to know which equities or stocks meet your investment goals.

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Purnartha is your investment guru, advisor and partner in wealth creation. Purnartha helps you discipline your investments. We ask the toughest questions to champion your investment interests. Unlike brokers we look at the best companies that are bound to grow rather than just the stocks performance. Our clients tell us they feel confident and supported. Join us to let us be your investment advisor.

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Purnartha challenges itself to create the best equity investment Portfolio for you. We always keep your wealth goals in sight. Right fees combined with our personalized approach, research capabilities, highly skilled analysts, sectoral advisors, unique business understanding & insights into company profiles, maps the best investment route for you. Join our shared compass of accountability, trust & attentiveness.

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What’s the ideal investment Portfolio? Well..yours! Indepth forensic accounting ensures every Purnartha recommended stock you own, is performing. Mid cap or large cap stocks, our forward-thinking investment strategies, research methodologies and strong capabilities create wealth for you. Our conservative approach anticipates your investment risks. We advise you wisely, keeping a steady eye on your wealth goals.

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Purnartha investment advisors portfolio has outperformed benchmarks like NIFTY consistently with best investment returns. Our investment research selects companies who have strong growth aspirations, match values eg. Little or NO DEBT & where owners have their skin in the game. Our key, wealth generation is long term investment in good companies & being lazy!

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