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Purnatha equity experts and market analysts team help you find the right long term stocks to fulfil your wealth goals.

Companies with high growth aspirations
Upcoming middle class values such as, very little or no debt
Upcoming middle class values such as, very little or no debt

Purnarthas five step equity investment research methodology selects the best companies to invest. We don't just look at stock prices and stock performance. Instead we look at the company. We look at the history, business model, volume growth, company management, goals and valuation. Our research team carries thorough audits, forensic analysis and uses sound statistics, logic and indepth understanding of over 11 years of company growth is used to select and invest in the best equities. These few companies are bound to grow over a period generating good returns on investment. This approach also allows Purnartha to control churns and risk while creating portfolios with a combination of high returns, diversifications and complementary styles.

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